Fall Gaia Movement Workshop - Oct. 10 & 11, 2015

Photo: From our Spring Gaia Movement Workshop

It's Fall! The perfect time to announce From The Earth's first annual....

Fall Gaia Movement Workshop
Our Sensory Playground

Date: October 10 & 11
Time: 1-5pm both days
Location: Wissahickon Woods (Valley Green Entrance)
Investment: $85 full-workshop
To Sign-up: Click

It's really Fall! Can you feel it? Just last week it still felt like summer, but now the night's are getting cooler and the sunlight is turning golden and slanting through the trees.
Fall is my favorite season because it is literally a SENSORY PLAYGROUND. It is full of auditory delights like the crunching, swishing, and scrunching of leaves and it offers the stunning visual beauty of red, orange, yellow, green and golden leaf rainbows covering every block, park and mountain side. The lingering smells of summer give way to the musty, damp scents of decaying leaves and the fresh, clean smell of crisp fall air. There is a constant shifting of warm and cool air dancing on our skin as we move between light and shadow. This makes Fall an ideal, luscious and rewarding time to get out and get connected to nature. However, with schools, programs, activities, and commitments starting up again and many holidays looming on the horizon, Fall can feel like an overwhelming, hectic, crazy-making flurry of activity. Sometimes in the Fall it feels like we as a society are doing everything we can think of as quickly as possible to get ready for winter. This can be exhausting and cause us to accidentally miss out on truly connecting with this beautiful season. Don’t let that happen!!

Fall Gaia Movement Workshop offers you a place to slow down, ground your energy in the earth, reconnect with your body, and rejuvenate your spirit by intentionally deepening your connection to the natural world.
  • Are you looking for a place to playfully explore your physical relationship to nature through dance and movement?
  • Are you curious about how the systems in our bodies are similar to the larger systems of the earth?
  • Are you looking for a place to turn OFF your mind and turn ON your senses? Where the only thing on your to-do list is the amazing exploration of simply being?
This workshop will invite you to connect intimately with nature, to listen deeply to the sounds and the movements of the earth in the Autumn, to invite these into your own physical & sensory awareness and allow them to affect your body, to move in response to them, and to create your own spontaneous dances with the earth!

We will meet in a secluded spot in nature and we will cultivate a relationship with that place. We will witness it and move with it and it will move with us and witness us. It will provide a secure space for you to dive deeply into your sensory awareness and explore your movement responses to the landscape. On the first day of the workshop we will focus on cultivating our own individual impulses for connection and movement in relationship to the natural elements of the landscape. On the second day we will deepen our individual tools and investigate what happens to our awareness and our relationship with nature when we introduce duet/group scores and experience increased human interaction.

This workshop offers you three things:
1) A deep physical connection to nature
2) A heightened ability to connect to the present moment
3) A profound sense of belonging to the natural world

AND… You will learn tools you can use to connect meaningfully with nature anywhere!

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Not sure if this workshop is for you?
This workshop is geared toward both dancers and non-dancers. It is for anyone who enjoys moving their body and feels comfortable (or at least interested in) exploring movement in an open-ended, improvisatory way. You will be generating your own movement based on your own feelings, desires, perceptions, energetic shifts, observations, etc. There will be many guided, structured movement scores and explorations, but I will not be giving you specific movements to do with your body. Please contact me with further questions: Jenny 215-840-5710, jroesawyer@gmail.com.

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