Awakening the Seeds of Your Practice: A 6-week Contact Improv Fundamentals Intensive!

It's Spring!!!   Come out of your cave!    Wake up your body!  Connect to others!!!  Play in the meadows! ...  We mean in the studio, of course!!

Come join us for the second annual...
Awakening the Seeds of Your Practice:

A Contact Improv Fundamentals Intensive
For All Levels

Newly Expanded!
A 6-week workshop led by Lee Nussbaum Fogel & Jenny Roe Sawyer

Tuesdays 7-9pm
April 16, 23, 30 & May 7, 14, 21  (Must pre-register for whole series)
@ Mascher Space Cooperative
155 Cecil B. Moore Ave.
+ The opportunity to attend a Community Contact Jam with Lee & Jenny!

Somatic Movement Educator Lee Nussbaum Fogel and Interdisciplinary Dance Artist Jenny Roe Sawyer are joining together to offer YOU a playful and invigorating class series that builds confidence in basic Contact skills, expands your range of dancing possibilities, and approaches dancing with a sense of joy and discovery!

~Have you been dancing for a while and wanting to get back to the basics of Contact so you can create a strong and responsive connection to your dancing partner?
~Are you new to Contact, and wanting a safe and supportive group of people with whom to build on skills, such as sharing weight, following points of contact, and riding waves of momentum through space??
~Are you wanting to access a greater range of energetic states and movement qualities in your dancing?
~ Do you love contact but feel intimidated by going to a jam?
....then this is the class for YOU!!!

We are very excited to offer you this unique opportunity to explore and learn with a committed group of dancers, have direct attention for YOUR specific needs and interests, AND have the extra special experience of trying out a jam, supported by your teachers & fellow students!

***Register by Friday April 5th for our Special Early Bird Discount!!!*** 

Tuesdays 7-9pm
April 16, 23, 30 & May 7, 14, 21
Mascher Space Cooperative
155 Cecil.B Moore Ave., Philadelphia
+ The opportunity to attend a Community Contact Jam with Lee & Jenny!
$185 for the full series
$165 *Early Bird Discount* - register by Friday April 5th!
Contact:  leefogel@visioningbody.com 

*Contact Improvisation is a revolutionary movement form developed through the investigation of touch, weight, sensation, and momentum in relation to another moving body.  
Lee Nussbaum Fogel, MA, RSME is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Reiki Practitioner, and Artist who guides people in living creative, empowered lives according to their body's wisdom.  Her practice draws on extensive experience in process-oriented art, movementand somatic practice, including graduate degree studies in Dance and Somatic Well-being through the University of Central Lancashire.  Lee began teaching Contact Improvisation and somatic movement as a student at Oberlin College, and has since studied Contact, Somatics, and Improvisation with Kirstie Simson, Andrea Olsen, Simone Forti, Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, Andre Gribou and Mary Abrams, among fabulous others.  She co-founded, taught and performed with the Philly Contact Collective, and has movement and somatics in a variety of settings throughout and beyond Philadelphia.

Jenny Roe Sawyer is a choreographer, improviser, teacher and dance artist who has been practicing dance and improvisational movement for over 20 years. She first fell in love with Contact improvisation 13 years ago while a student at Oberlin College and has since studied with Contact greats like Nancy Stark Smith, Chris Aiken, Angie Hauser, KJ Holmes, and Kirstie Simson. In Philadelphia, Jenny co-founded, taught and performed with the Philly Contact Collective; she was a founding member of Amnesiac Music and Dance, an experimental improv company; she co-directed the modern dance company Lo Roe Productions; and was a founding member of Mascher Space Cooperative. Her work has been presented by the Philly Fringe, GLUE Performance Series, Mascher Space Co-op, the Studio Series at SJtudio 34, and the Falls Bridge Improvisation Festival, among others. She is currently excited about expanding her improvisational teaching practice and touring her newest site-specific work, UPSTREAM.