Jenny's Fun-A-Day Project 2011

"A Dance A Day"

This year I finally did a Fun-A-Day Project! 

(To do Fun-A-Day you do/make/find something everyday for the month of January)

I did "A Dance A Day!"

(Almost) every day I improvised a dance on video, as a way to practice improvising daily and learn how to use my new snazzy albiet handmedown video camera.

Most of the dances ended up being filmed at the end of the day, before bed, in my bedroom, in limited space, and thus have an intimate, diary-like quality to them. I do things that I would not do onstage, that I do only for myself, and yet many of them, in the footage, are fascinating to watch.

I am quite curious about this..... how to show intimacy/vulnerability onstage... how to do things onstage you think you shouldn't... how to tell which ones are actually touching to watch and which ones really are "too much." Does "too much" really exist?

Perhaps I will use the footage as a jumping off place for a piece someday.

On Friday Feb 11th I showed my "A Dance A Day" video footage at The Seventh Annual Fun-A-Day Art Show at Studio 34 in West Philly. 

It was pretty great. The art and projects people make every year for this astound me. And the community comes out. It wasn't the best venue for showing off my project (I have too much footage to know what to do with it) but it was fun to be a part of the showing and connect with artists,  friends and neighbors.

The Seventh Annual Fun-A-Day Art Show
Your friends and neighbors have made an eclectic array of art every day for the month of January. Come celebrate their marvelous displays of creativity!
Two big days!
Friday & Saturday, February 11 & 12, 2011
7-11 pm

Free! All Ages!
Featuring Food, Refreshments, Performances, and Fun!
More info at http://www.artclash.com