DATE CHANGE - New Workshop Offering - March 19th

Finding the Well: Accessing Your Power Through Sound and Movement

An Improvisational Workshop with Jenny Sawyer

Sat. March 19th from 1pm-3pm
Studio 34
$20 for one person
$15 if you pre-register by March 13th or come with a friend 

$15 for dancepass holders

Come explore and expand your own personal sense of power through sound and movement.

In this workshop we will use vocalization, guided movement exploration, partnering and witnessing to connect to emotional centers of our bodies, access deep internal sources of strength and vulnerability, and cultivate new powerful ways of moving and being.

This is exciting, fun, challenging and vulnerable work. As a group we will create a supportive and safe space for both individual and group exploration.

All levels of movement experience are welcome. Willingness to experiment with making sound is required.

To pre-register or get more information, please contact Jenny Sawyer at jroesawyer@gmail.com

Studio 34
4522 Baltimore Avenue in West Philly
(215) 387-3434

Jenny Sawyer has studied dance and improvisational movement for over 20 years. She is a co-founder and current member of the Philly Contact Collective, a performance and contact improvisation collective. She was a founding member of Amnesiac Music and Dance, a touring performance improv company directed by Nicole Bindler. Jenny has studied improv and contact improv from Angie Hauser, Chris Aiken, Nancy Stark Smith, Nicole Bindler, David Brick, KJ Holmes, and Kirstie Simpson, among others. She is currently developing a new solo improvisation and performance practice that inspires the basis of her teaching.