From The Earth is officially launching!!

I am BEYOND excited to announce...
The Official 2015 Launch of  From The Earth!!
An outdoor experiential dance company 

The Beginning:
In 2012, many of you came to watch as my first outdoor piece UPSTREAM took flight. From that first performance in front of four sold out audiences in the Wissahickon Creek, I knew that I had stumbled onto something special, something unique, something awesome, something that changes you.

In 2013, when UPSTREAM was presented by The Morris Arboretum, it struck me again: the way people respond to witnessing the wildness of this piece is different. They are full of awe, they are struck by beauty, they feel inspired, and it feels like something inside of them has changed. It is thrilling to witness, for it is the dream of every choreographer!

It has become clear to me that human bodies moving expressively in nature activate our profound natural connection to the earth. And in our increasingly disconnected society, this connection is something that deep down we are all craving.

So I have created a dance company... just for this! 

The Big Idea:
I believe, we as a society are living within a lie that humans are separate from nature. In reality, nature is our very source and living in disconnection from our source is hurting each and every one of us every day and it is destroying our planet.

From The Earth's mission is to connect humans deeply and intimately with nature through dance, movement, performance and somatic (body-based) experiences.

By offering you deep connection to your body and your relationship to the natural world, From The Earth can help you recover a deep lost part of yourself. And together, just maybe, we can cultivate a deeper sense of connectedness that will enrich our lives and spread across our world.

Currently offering:
  • Outdoor site-specific performance & choreography.
  • Nature-based movement classes & workshops.
We have a NEW SERIES of seasonal  Gaia Movement Workshops!
Check back soon for details.
They will be happening in the SPRING, SUMMER & FALL of 2015!!

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